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About ISpA

ISpA is an apex non-profit industry body, setup exclusively for the successful collaborative development of the Private Space Industry in India. ISpA was created to be the single Voice of the Private Space Industry and act as a bridge between the Government and the Private Industry.

ISpA will undertake Policy Advocacy, Engage and Operate with all Stakeholders and act as a catalyst for accelerating the exchange of knowledge, information and technology of space-related domains amongst all stakeholders of the entire Indian Space ecosystem including the government and its agencies, to make India self-reliant, technologically advanced and a leading player in the Global Space arena.


Work with all stakeholders, to create an enabling environment for strengthening the private industry in the Indian Space sector. ISpA envisions to propel India to the global forefront in the entire Space ecosystem. ISpA echoes the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’.

Our Objectives

To perform an all encompassing role for the entire Space Domain, ISpA aims to be an Advocate and Facilitator for the participation, growth and capacity building of the private as well as public industry in India’s Space domain. Towards this, ISpA will engage with the Indian Government; regulatory bodies; national and international bodies; and other stakeholders as well as participate in formulating effective; efficient and appropriate policies; and, regulatory frameworks for:-

Ease of Doing Business and Policy Stability

Advocacy for easy Availability, Accessibility, Affordability and Efficient Utilization of Space Resources.

Encourage and Facilitate all Space Domain Activities:

Fostering Awareness and Promotion of:

  • Communications
    Satellite-based Communication Services including Satellite Broadband Connectivity.
  • Design, Manufacture, Launch, Operate and R&D
    Satellites; Launch Vehicles; Payloads; Ground & Space Control Systems; and, Testing & Scientific Equipment.
  • Applications and Services
    Space-based Navigation; Geospatial & Remote Sensing; Situational Awareness; Space Infrastructure Security and Protection; Scientific Explorations; Astronomy; Testing & Certification; and, Others.
  • Capacity Building
    Awareness, Education, Knowledge Sharing and Skilling.
Promote and Collaborate

Technology, Infrastructure, Investments, and Innovation.

International Partnerships
  • Enhance and Strengthen Co-operation of International partners with Indian Space Industry.
  • Engage with global institutions on Space related issues including policy matters.

Executive Council /Governing Body (2021-23)

  • Mr. Jayant Patil

    Member of Executive committee of Management, and Advisor Defence & Smart Technologies to CEO & MD L&T

    Chairman and Chair Launch Vehicles (LV) Committee
  • Mr. Rahul Vatts

    Chief Regulatory Officer, Bharti Airtel

    Vice Chairman
  • Ms. Seema Jindal

    Head Regulatory Affairs, Airtel

  • Mr. Chirag Doshi

    Managing Director & CEO, Walchandnagar Industries

    Executive Member and Chairman, Membership Council
  • Mr. PJ Nath

    Managing Director & CEO, Nelco Ltd.

    Executive Member and Chair Space Communications & Services (SCS) Committee
  • Col H.S. Shankar, VSM (Retd)

    Chairman & Managing Director, Alpha Design Technologies Pvt Ltd.

    Executive Member and Chair Satellites Committee
  • Mr. Rohan Verma

    CEO & Executive Director, MapMyIndia

    Executive Member and Chair Geospatial & Remote Sensing Committee
  • Neha Idnani

    OneWeb India Communications

    Executive Member

Membership Council

Membership Council is a subgroup of the Executive Council of ISpA.

It comprises of three members, Chaired by Mr Chirag C Doshi and with Mr Rahul Vatts and Lt Gen AK Bhatt (Retd) as Council Members.

Membership Council oversees the process of admission of any entity in ISpA as a member. It is also responsible for advising Executive Council on the eligibility criteria of ISpA membership and any other matter relating to Membership.

Leaders Speak

Our Team

Lt Gen AK Bhatt
Lt Gen AK Bhatt
Director General


Wing Commander Satyam Kushwaha
Wing Commander Satyam Kushwaha (Retd)


Preeti Singh
Preeti Singh
Executive Assistant to Director General


Prasad Doke
Prasad Doke
Research & Development Associate

Aashish Kumar
Aashish Kumar
Lead Consultant

Aditi Chakroburty
Aditi Chakroburty
Relationship Manager

Krishanu Malik
Krishanu Malik
Consultant - Policy Research & Legal Affairs

Ishan Singh
Ishan Singh
Research Intern

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